Ripples v7.42: Ripples of CHARGING IN!

Ripples v7.42: Ripples of CHARGING IN!
November 7, 2005
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Live fully, love truly, and laugh always!
-written and submitted by Sunny G., Weed CA


You either shrink and hide or
you throw your shoulders back
and charge right in.
I learned that charging
felt more comfortable for me.
-Minnie Driver, submitted by Dana M., Waukesha WI


October included another round of adventures: visiting with resident assistants from around Michigan and then financial educators who work at banks throughout Wisconsin. I wrapped up by spending a few days in Baltimore at National Industries for the Blind’s conference. Thanks to a few hundred of them who wanted to join Ripples, as well as all of you who were Rippled by a co-worker or friend, we have made it to 14,000 subscribers….WOOHOO! This is extra exciting because each week about 30-40 people leave our list (only 1/5th of 1 percent but over time that adds up!). We are moving forward at a faster pace that those tiny steps we take back each week!

Can you help celebrate this milestone by finding some significant way to CHARGE IN to your life this week? Perhaps you finally need to make a decision, follow up on a task, or dive into a project you have been avoiding. You can lift your head high and CHARGE IN because you now have 14,000 people who are Rippling along with you!


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