Ripples v7.25: Ripples of DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!

Ripples v7.25: Ripples of DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!
Monday, June 20, 2005
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There is a time when you have to separate yourself from
what other people expect of you, and do what you love.
Because if you find yourself 50 years old and
you aren’t doing what you love–then what is the point?
-Jim Carrey, submitted by Vicki G., La Crosse WI


Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy.
If you’re happy in what you’re doing,
you’ll like yourself,
you’ll have inner peace.

And if you have that,
along with physical health,
you will have had more success
than you could possibly have imagined.
-Johnny Carson, submitted by Linda H., Pewaukee WI


I made my annual trek to New Hampshire this week to help Plymouth State University’s new students and their parents prepare for their upcoming adventures. While there, I bipped over to Vermont to visit my friend Maura and say hello to the mountains.

Spending time with new students allowed me the opportunity to challenge them to explore a variety of possibilities before choosing a career they will love (I compare it to eating at a buffet–on the first round try a little of everything and THEN go back to focus on the things you really liked.)

Spending time with Maura, who also makes her living as an educational consultant and leadership trainer, allowed me an opportunity to acknowledge the joy I feel when I’m on the job. She remains humble about the success in her work while celebrating her discovery of meaningful work that she deeply enjoys–and it rubs off on me. After every visit, I discover new heights of job satisfaction!

I hope that each week you are spending at least a few hours doing what you love. Some of us find it in our work and others seek it in their studies, hobbies, and/or community service. If you have it, ENJOY IT! If you’re still seeking it, KEEP UP THE QUEST!


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