Ripples v7.14: Ripples of STEPPING FORWARD!

Ripples v7.14: Ripples of STEPPING FORWARD!
Monday, April 4, 2005
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You will either step forward into growth
or you will step back into safety.
-Abraham Maslow, submitted by Mia W., Greensboro NC


When the desire to improve
your life, work habits or
organizational skills arrives,
it is easy to say
“I’ll do it next week”
or fix it later;
but the journey of improvement
isn’t a leap,
it’s a series of steps.

Put your best foot forward today.
-written and submitted by Scott M., Madison WI


I began the week in Appleton, Wisconsin to help the Fox Cities Chapter of Credit Unions acknowledge and appreciate their awesome credit union employees and then I hopped down to Pensacola to hang out with the staff and students at University of West Florida.

As we reminded each other to “spring forward” our clocks an hour on Sunday, I also encouraged people to find a way to STEP FORWARD in their lives. For you this could mean an opportunity to stretch your legs a bit and increase your physical activity; or perhaps you need a mental step forward in thinking more hopefully about a challenge you face. If neither of those ring true for you, then surely a spiritual step forward could expand your awareness in some meaningful way. Whatever it means to you, I hope you can find a useful way to take some action!!


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