Ripples v7.09: Ripples of BUILDING A LIFE!

Ripples v7.09: Ripples of BUILDING A LIFE!
Monday, February 28, 2005
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Don’t ever confuse the two, your life and your work.
The second is only part of the first.
-Anna Quindlen, submitted by Sharri D, Eugene OR


Exercise hard and you will grow younger.
Care about other people and you will grow happier.
Build a life that you think means something and you will grow richer.
-Henry Lodge, M.D., submitted by Tenny W., Sun Prairie WI


In addition to spending President’s Day with Altra Credit Union in La Crosse, WI, this week also found me hanging out with some folks from Nextel on Wednesday and at an educator’s inservice in southeastern Wisconsin on Friday. While these groups all pursue very different lines of work, I reminded them all of the value in looking within AND beyond work to create a meaningful life.

Many of us have jobs that provide an adequate combination of challenges, opportunities and income–and of course a certain amount of frustration. Sometimes in our culture, however, we focus so much on our work that we forget to have a life. When someone asks us “What do you do?” we assume that they want to know how we make a living. While many times they ARE inquiring about our career, you can use that question to remind yourself and the person asking that we DO many things besides work.

So, take a moment right now to think of a more creative answer to “What do you do?” that will allow someone to learn more about your non-work life. And if you cannot think of a non-work answer, then your challenge is to get busy and CREATE A LIFE!!!


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