Ripples v6.34: Ripples of YOU! Yes YOU!

Ripples v6.34: Ripples of YOU! Yes YOU!
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We are coming to understand that no organization,
including government, will fully succeed
without the active participation of each of us.
Volunteers are vital to enabling this country
to live up to the true promise of its heritage.
-Bill Clinton, submitted by Erin A.


Every cause needs people more than money,
for when the people are with you and they are giving your
cause their attention, interest, confidence, advocacy & service,
financial support should just about take care of itself;

whereas, without them in the right quality and quantity,
in the right places and the right states of mind and spirit,
you might as well go and get lost.
-Harold J. Seymour, submitted by James L, Park City, Utah


I spent a bit of time with some educators in Mt. Horeb and
new students in Eau Claire (both in my home state of Wisconsin)
before diving into the final stages of our web redesign and
I realized how AWESOME it is that so many members have
offered not only a few bucks but their precious TIME and
ENERGY to help us grow! Well, this week we have a FEW
ways if you feel like giving some more:

A. Ripply Brainstorm.
We have dreamed up something remarkable for the first
page of the new site, and it needs your boost. Peek here:

B. Better Blurb, Draft IV:
The Ripples Project: Refresh your spirit with kindness to others

C. New Site “Test Drivers.”
Early next week we will need a crew of people to give us
some feedback about the new site and its functionality.
It would involve about 15-30 minutes and then a few more
minutes of describing what might make it better
(bonus: it will still have that “new site smell!”)

D. Smile!
If you are having a busy week and do not have time to do
any of the above, just smile at the next three people you see
and you will have created a few ripples that will help the world,
and help your soul too!


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