Ripples v6.30: Ripples of DOWNTIME!

Ripples v6.30: Ripples of DOWNTIME!
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To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world:
the most difficult and the most intellectual.
-Oscar Wilde, submitted by Sarah C., Roseville, MN


Downtime is where we become ourselves;
looking into the middle distance,
kicking at the curb,
lying on the grass or
sitting on the stoop and staring
at the tedious blue of the summer sky.

I don’t believe you can
write poetry,
or compose music,
or become an actor
without downtime,
and plenty of it;

A hiatus that passes for boredom
but is really the quiet moving of the
wheels inside that fuel creativity.
– Anna Quindlen, submitted by Pat. J.


I am often someone who feels it is important (imperative?) to be productive,
so I can relate to the Oscar Wilde quote about the difficulty of doing nothing.
Since I am about to embark on a busy road trip of fall orientation programs
in a few days, I am going to commit to a handful of DOWNTIME moments
this week. Won’t you join me? Create an afternoon or even just a few hours
where NOTHING is the goal. Try it, you’ll like it! And of course the irony is
that you when you give up needing to be productive, you will end up being
MORE productive in the long run….ooh I like that!


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