Ripples v6.28: Ripples of FULLY LIVING!

Ripples v6.28: Ripples of FULLY LIVING!
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Boredom is a matter of choice, not circumstance.
-source unknown, submitted by Tiffany S., Buffalo, NY


Life is not what happens to you,
but what you make of what happens to you.
Everyone dies, but not everyone fully lives.
Too many people are having near-life experiences.
-source unknown, submitted by Carey V., Wausau, WI


This week I was back in California to help S.P. Richards
at their conference and expo; in a presentation on
leadership I reminded the group that any skill improves
with PRACTICE….even a skill like LIVING!

So, I challenge you this week to practice “fully living”
by taking some risks or refreshing your attitude, or
perhaps just taking a long walk in the sunshine!


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