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Don’t worry too much about what lies ahead.
Go as far as you can see, and when you get there,
you can see farther.
-source unknown, submitted by Ron S.,Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada


We must never lose
that sense of adventure,
that thirst for knowledge
or that determination to explore
the outer limits of our own abilities.
-Ronald Reagan, submitted by Karen F., New Milford, CT


This week I travelled to San Diego for another opportunity to visit with my credit union
buddies at CUNA Mutual Group’s annual Discovery Conference. We were exploring the
topic of passion, and I came home to a fantastic pile of quotes submitted by Ripples
Readers from around the U.S. (and Canada, and a few from around the world!). These
quotes really reminded me that while vision is important in creating a great life, the
essential ingredient as that we keep going! The farther we travel, the more we see, and
the more we see, the farther we want to travel! It is an important cycle of growth, and I
challenge you this week to choose an area of your life that feels neglected and trudge
forward a few steps and hopefully you will find a new view that will inspire you farther!

As always, I wish for you and everyone:


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