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May your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, but never in want.
-Irish toast, submitted by Amy S., Wisconsin


May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks.
May your heart be as light as a song.
May each day bring you bright happy hours,
That stay with you all year long.

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way —
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.
-Irish Blessing, submitted by Mary S., Madison, Wisconsin


This week found me hanging out with a crew of fellow trainers up in
the Wisconsin Dells, exploring ways to enhance our effectiveness. We
agreed that the more FUN we infused into our presentations, the more
likely our students could retain and apply the information provided.
It may seem like an obvious point, but FUN seems to be reserved
exclusively for kindergarten classes these days! I dare you to bring
some FUN to a meeting or presentation or conversation you have
scheduled this week. Share some goodies, wear a wacky hat, or have
everyone sing a song. Will it be silly? Of course! And the smiles
will linger, I promise!

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