Ripples v6.09: Ripples of AWARDING OTHERS!

Ripples v6.09: Paul’s Free Weekly Splash of Inspiration for 10,000+



Encouragement is oxygen to the soul.
-George M. Adams, submitted by Reta D., Sandy, Utah


It’s an interesting phenomenon,
at times of loss and tragedy,
the best of us comes out.

Could it be a different life for everybody
if we remain mindful that the best of us
should be present at all times?
-Dick Hage, submitted by Brooke T.


I am gearing up to watch the Academy Awards this evening, and it has
given me an idea: Ripples Awards! Not awards that we here at TRP
Central give out, though. What if YOU email someone in your life
that deserves acknowledgement or needs a bit of encouragement?

For example, my friend Brian visited this weekend and helped me
decide how to invest some money, so I nominate him for a “Ripple
Award for Financial Genius!.” Or perhaps my friends Jeff, Aaron, and
Ron need to each receive a “Ripple Award for Brainstorming Talent!”
for some excellent support they offered recently. Think of someone
that has helped you or your family or your team or your community and
thank them by delivering your OWN Ripple Award! Just put “Ripple
Award for _____” as the Subject Line, and in the text of the email
tell them that you had a challenge to give out an award this week and
they won!

In fact, when you email your award winner this week, send a blind
copy to “” and we will select one to win a
packet of Ripples Goodies!


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