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It’s better to keep your options open than your eyes closed.
-written and submitted by Jill Christine Lumpkin, Indianapolis, IN


Some people make things happen,
Some watch while things happen, and
Some wonder “What happened?”
Which type of person are you?
-source unknown, submitted by Gloria L.


I spent Columbus Day with the University of Michigan Credit Union
staff as we enjoyed a fun day exploring leadership and customer
service. At one point we discussed the difficulties that arrive when
we feel forced to do something we don’t want to do. I encouraged
them to be aware of the options they have in those situations. For
example, take some piece of your job one or your courses that you
dislike: you cannot change that it is in your life, but perhaps you
can focus on the options available. Maybe you can choose WHEN you
work on it, or WHERE you work on it. The people who “make things
happen” are not immune from doing unpleasant tasks; they simply find
ways to GET THROUGH the yucky stuff and move on to the adventures
they WANT to focus on!

Take a moment right now to ponder some OPTIONS you have in your life
and then empower yourself to make good choices and enjoy your week!


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