Ripples v5.33: Ripples of NOT MISSING IT!



Life moves pretty fast,
if you don’t stop to look around once in a while,
you could miss it.
-Ferris Bueller, submitted by Kelsey D.


Along our path of life we get a series of detours …
and we all get frustrated and impatient
when we feel we have to leave the path we’ve chosen.

But what if the real path of life…
is really made up of all these detours …
and instead of learning the real lessons of life,
we miss them because we were too busy being
frustrated and impatient!!
-Ziggy (the cartoon character), submitted by Paul T.


A quick visit to Philadelphia this week allowed me to meet some
motivated student leaders at La Salle University. Besides discussing
some ideas to survive and thrive in their leadership positions, I
wanted them to ENJOY their year and all the craziness it will bring

Could I convince you to just press PA– USE and for 30 seconds right now
think of as many pieces of your life that you like? Ponder the
people, places, objects, adventures, and activities that you
enjoy…okay…now jump back into your day hopefully feeling a bit


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