Ripples v5.23: Ripples of SIGNIFICANCE!



Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
-Carl Sagan, submitted by Cecile B.


How we define success is important in shaping our lives. So, how should we define
success? Success is generally defined in terms of achievement, fame, recognition,
material possessions, and wealth. In a word: outcome.

Significance on the other hand, while less tangible, concerns the process. Significance is
importance, meaning, essence, relevance, and value.

Success drives us by a desire for tangible things; significance guides us by a desire for
something greater than just what is tangible.
-Larry S. Julian, submitted by Steve F.


This week included a beautiful visit to Plymouth State College in New Hampshire where
we helped some new students and their parents prepare for the new chapter in their
lives. I also briefly visited the Wisconsin Leadership Seminar, where 200 high school
students from around the state had gathered to enhance their leadership skills. Success
was certainly on the minds of participants at both places, and I hope they (and you!) will
ponder the difference between the outcome-oriented focus of success and the process-
oriented focus of significance.

I wish for you success this week, and I hope you also encounter SIGNIFICANCE!


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