Ripples v5.13: Ripples of FIRST!



Everyone wants to do something to help, but nobody wants to be first.
-Pearl Bailey, submitted by Sarah B., Shawano, WI


It is not for me to change you.
The question is,
“How can I be of service to you
without diminishing your
degrees of freedom?”
-Buckminster Fuller


This week was another fun visit to Indianapolis to hang out with a
group of phenomenal support staff from IUPUI (and they are VERY proud
of their recent visit to the NCAA playoffs!). In our exploration of
ways to increase their effectiveness on the job, we talked about the
importance of “creating deposits” in work relationships. Remember
that every relationship is an emotional bank account, and when you do
something to expand the relationship it is like making a deposit.
There are of course times when withdrawals are made (someone drops
the ball on something, misses a meeting, etc.) but as long as there
have been enough deposits over time, the relationship continues to be

Choose someone at work or school this week and create a deposit by
telling them how much you appreciate their efforts or finding a way
to help them with a challenge they face.


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