Ripples v11.25: The Promise of Today!

Ripples v11.25: The Promise of Today!
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 22,537
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Monday, June 29, 2009


All that we’re ever promised is today,
I’ll try to remember and not wish it away.
-written & submitted by Michelle M., Cincinnati OH



There is only one.
One day to let the world know
you can make a difference;
you can change the course of the future.
You can breathe in the air of poverty, depression, hate, and
exhale the air of perseverance, happiness, and love.

Make this that day, and
show the world that
hope lies beneath,
truth lies above, and
we lie here, now;
to make a difference.
-written & submitted by Ryan K., Ashland WI


As I make my way home from a weeklong adventure in Michigan that included a few uROCK! Roadtrip stops and a reunion with my buddies from grad school (we realized while reminiscing that we first came together 20 years ago this month….yikes!), I invite you (and me!) to spend a moment treasuring THE PROMISE OF TODAY and ensuring we make the most of it!

Ooh, and while I have your attention: please notice that both the Pebble and the Boulder this week were written by their submitters, and remember that we count on a continuous feed of fresh quote submissions so we can keep creating Ripples! Submit your own words, or those of someone who inspired you recently!


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