Ripples v11.22: Worst or Best?

Ripples v11.22: Worst or Best?
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Monday, June 8, 2009


Am I the headache or the aspirin?
-source unknown, submitted by Mary P., West Bend WI



During the toughest of times,
the best or worst can emerge
from each and every one of us…
which will you choose?
Be a positive influence everyday!
-Mike Leibundgut, submitted by Mike L., Madison WI


Last week I spent a magical day at a summer camp helping the staff prepare for a summer of fun. I told them about a magnificent morning hike I had taken a few hours earlier that included a stop at a swimming hole from my childhood, complete with a waterful and a deluge of happy memories. The experience was interrupted when I encountered several pieces of litter.

I told them that at first I became indignant at the careless actions of thoughtless hikers until I gently reminded myself that we are all guilty of littering sometimes. It might be an empty water bottle accidentally left on a bench, but it could also be an unkind word or action that interrupts a fellow human being’s frustrating day.

We are surrounded by busy people who are struggling to make the best of the challenges on their plate. Choosing to carry the trash back with me even though it wasn’t convenient became a meditation on my own litter and how I could be lightening the loads of others simply by making better choices in my words and deeds.

I hope you can spend a moment or two this week thinking about your WORST “unintended litter,” and perhaps striving to bring our your BEST by helping someone lighten their load!


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