Ripples v11.19: Deep Wells!

Ripples v11.19: Deep Wells!
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Monday, May 11, 2009


Think of the world you carry inside you.
-Rainer Maria Rilke, submitted by Mia C., Greensboro NC



Few people during their lifetime
come anywhere near exhausting
the resources dwelling within them.
There are deep wells of strength
that are never used.
-Richard E. Byrd, submitted by Terry H., Franklin WI


If you are facing a challenge right now, this week needs to be about digging deep into your “well of strength” and then using it to move things forward. You might be ready for big leaps, or you might need to start with baby steps; whatever the size, just be sure you move!

I’m hitting the road again this week for some more stops on the uROCK! Roadtrip: on Friday I’ll have breakfast at 9:30am in Des Moines at the Drake Diner, and at 3pm I’ll wrap up my day on campus at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. If you cannot join me in person, I could use some more smiles to share with others, so visit the roadtrip website and click on the Smiles tab:


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