Ripples v10.43: Removing a Rock!

Ripples v10.43: Removing a Rock!
October 27, 2008: a free weekly splash to 21,143 subscribers
from Paul & The Ripples Project



Remove the rock from your shoe instead of learning to limp comfortably.
-Stephen C. Paul, submitted by Stephanie B., San Francisco CA



The difference between great people and everyone else
is that great people create their lives actively,
while everyone else is created by their lives,
passively waiting to see where life takes them next.
The difference between the two
is the difference between living fully and just existing.
-Michael Gerber, submitted by Jamie Wackerlin, Madison WI



Ahem. Excuse me…sorry to bother you, but it seems you have a rock in your shoe.

That minor annoyance that you have been living with for a few days, weeks, months has caused you enough trouble. Your “rock” could be an unkind word from a friend or co-worker, a decision you recently made that you regret, or a small item on your to-do list that has become infected while you procrastinate, worry, or resist.

I invite you to take a few minutes to remove your rock by letting go, making a switch, or taking action.

Ahhhhhh, I hope that feels better….


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