Ripples v10.01: Actualize!

Ripples v10.01: Actualize!
Jan 7, 2008: a free weekly splash to 17,496
from Paul & The Ripples Project


What would the child you once were,
think of the adult you have become?
-Mike Mertes, submitted anonymously


..The far goal of education–
as of psychotherapy, of family life, of work, of society, of life itself-
is to aid the person to grow to fullest humanness,
to the greatest fulfillment and actualization of her highest potentials,
to her greatest possible stature.

In a word, it should help her to become
the best she is capable of becoming,
to become *actually* what she deeply is potentially.
-adapted from Abraham Maslow, submitted by Brenda Halfman, Wausau WI


Welcome to 2008, and to the beginning of our TENTH YEAR of sending out RIPPLES: YIPPEE!

In addition to taking action this week to ACTUALIZE yourself, I need your help ACTUALIZING our membership. Each December we lose a pile of subscribers because emails expire and people forget to subscribe their new email addresses (or maybe they are finished being Ripply?). This is a great time of year to tell your family and friends about our happy newsletter, so if you could take a minute to forward this issue to just a couple of people that would be most Ripply of you. It would also help if you tell them how long you have been subscribing and why you like it! I am hoping that in our 10th year, we are able to reach 20,000 subscribers!

Thanks, and good luck ACTUALIZING your self in 2008!


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