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Ripples, version 1.13 [4/12/99] An electronic postcard from Stone Soup Seminars


Attitude is contagious.
Is yours worth catching?
Original Source: Chris Clarke-Epstein’s workshop “Perspectives: You Can’t
Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.” Submitted by Kathleen Callaway


No one will ever
love you
for your work
or accomplishments.

People will
love you
for the way
you make them feel.
–something my mom taught me
Submitted by Jamie Treutel <treutel@s…>


This week I had the honor of delivering a keynote address to the National
Conference on Student Services in Orlando, Florida. It was an honor to be
asked to keynote, and it was fabulous to be in Orlando! As we struggled to
identify the ideal outcomes of our leadership experiences, a common word
surfaced: RESPECT. We hope in our leading and managing and moving through
life to gain the RESPECT of those around us. And just how do you earn
respect? I suspect the best way to start acquiring respect is to GIVE
respect in ample amounts. Is there someone in your life from whom you want
more respect? What can you do this week to GIVE them some respect they
deserve (or perhaps will someday deserve?).

Enjoy today, and send me Ripples!


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