Ripples #786: Learning to Surf.

Ripples #786: Learning to Surf.
A splash of inspiration
from The Ripples Guy
16 June 2014


You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn how to surf.
-Jon Kabat-Zinn, shared by S Anderson in Edmonton, AB


In our lives,
change is unavoidable,
loss is unavoidable.
In the adaptability and ease
with which we experience change,
lies our happiness and freedom.
-Buddha, shared by Carl in Terre Haute, IN


You’re pretty awesome sometimes, aren’t you?

On your best days when everything is going your way—-you rock things out in a magnificent way, right? On those days you work hard, you’re on top of things, and you’re able to bring forth your best self to handle whatever challenges present themselves. And then there are those pesky OTHER days: Those days when you aren’t feeling it even though (or precisely because) you’re facing a crazy mix of deadlines and crises and obstacles that make up your life in that moment.

Even really successful people aren’t able to bring their best selves to every moment of every day; they sometimes have bad moments, days, weeks, etc. The trick is to figure out how to activate your “HEY I KNOW CAN HANDLE THIS” alert system so when you enter rough waters it takes just a moment to catch your breath before you can surf your way to sanity. Your alert system could be the right music, it could be a pep talk from one of your fierce allies, or perhaps visiting a sacred place that helps you renew your spirit.

Make this week about identifying what activates your “I’ve got this” button, and then go surf whatever waves of craziness get whipped up in your life.


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