Ripples #782: Making Doors!

Ripples #782:  Making Doors!
A splash of inspiration 
from The Ripples Guy
19 May 2014


The world has Amazing Things in store for you, so
hunt them with Resilience and Persistence.
-written & shared by Erin in Adelaide, South Australia


If I can’t make it through one door, 
I’ll go through another door-
-or I’ll make a door. 
Something terrific will come 
no matter how dark the present.
-Rabindranath Tagore 



Last week we explored how to “hang in there” through tough times, and I thought we should follow up with something even stronger.  Sometimes, “just muddling through” is all we’ve got.  Remember, though, that you have previously survived some significant challenges and all of us—as in ALL OF US including YOU sometimes forget that we are made from tough stuff!  
This week could be a good time to move beyond the “muddling through” and instead hop up and either OPEN THE DOOR or CREATE THE DOOR that will help you conquer your challenges and unleash your next level of awesome.  
It’s true that you don’t always need to bring your best self to work/school/life; but it’s also true that your best self has a burst of energy and ideas and effort to improve just about any situation you’re in.
Are you ready?  Get ready.
Are you set? Get set.
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