Ripples #770: Embracing Change.

Ripples #770: Embracing Change.
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24 Feb 2014


Cause Change & Lead.
Accept Change & Survive.
Resist Change & Die.
-Ray Norda, shared by Erica in Hyogo, Japan


In our lives,
change is unavoidable,
loss is unavoidable.
In the adaptability and ease
with which we experience change,
lies our happiness and freedom.
-Buddha, shared by Thomas in Fort Myers, FL


If you’re not changing, you’re not growing.  And if you’re not growing, you’re dying.  It is fairly common to resist change that is forced upon us: a new initiative at work, the changing landscape of our bodies as we age, a culture shift that you’re not feeling ready to embrace.  Sometimes we initially experience change as such a threat to “the way things used to be” that we can spend lots of extra time and energy fighting which can delay our adjustment to “the new way.”  Usually we end up accepting and adapting. . . and sometimes even embracing the transformation as an improvement or at least “the price of progress.”

If you or someone around you is struggling with change right now, there are two techniques I recommend to help ease the stress associated with change.  One strategy is to focus on any areas where you have options to choose from.  If you HAVE to do something, it can be helpful to identify some flexibility in WHEN or WHERE or HOW you do it to regain a sense of control.  The other tip involves viewing the change as a transition to a new level in work or life, and that perhaps a “graduation” or some other ceremony can help acknowledge the loss of the way things were AND welcome the new possibilities that arrive with change.

If those don’t sound appealing or don’t seem to work, occasionally we have to just suck it up and deal with it.  And if that helps you move forward then, hey, whatever it takes, right?  Hang in there, and keep growing!


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