Ripples #743: The Heaviness of Things.

Ripples #743: The Heaviness of Things.
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19 Aug 2013


If you weren’t so afraid of letting go,
you wouldn’t feel so free when you do it.
-source unknown, shared by Nikki in Oxford, UK


You will find
that it is necessary
to let things go;
simply for the reason
that they are heavy.
So let them go,
let go of them.
-C. JoyBell C.


Has something been weighing you down lately?  Perhaps it was a missed opportunity, or someone you were counting on let you down, or maybe an inconvenient and frustrating turn of events has left you anxious or depressed.

Regardless of the size of the “thing” that you’re dealing with right now, it might be useful to acknowledge its impact on you, grieve the loss of how you thought it would turn on, and then you can finally lighten your load: take a few breaths and say goodbye.  Let. It. Go.

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