Ripples #733: An Original Life.

Ripples #733: An Original Life.
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An original life
is unexplored territory.
You don’t get there by taking a taxi-
you get there by carrying a canoe.
-Alan Alda


The night sky is dotted with stars.
One star may not seem significant
but as more appear,
the true art of the nighttime
is fully realized.
It takes time and patience
to see that realization,
but in the end is worth it.
-written and submitted by Nathan Moreau in Manchy, NH


Let today unfold as a reminder that YOU are in charge of creating a
rich life full of possibility. Out of the billions of people who have
walked this planet, there has never been, nor ever will be, another
person with your particular set of experiences, perspectives, talents,
and desires. You have an opportunity, and I daresay an obligation, to
carve out an original life at the intersection of your deep passions and
our world’s deep longing.

Every thought you have, every action you take today is like the stars
that my friend Nathan described above. Each one may seem small and
insignificant by itself, but together they create a vast constellation
of possibility. Get to it!

Paul, The Ripples Guy

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