Ripples #730: Lost and Found!

Ripples #730: Lost and Found!
For our tribe of 30,432 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
May 20, 2013


It’s the times you feel like you’ve lost everything
that you find everything you didn’t know you had.
-source unknown, shared by Zack W. via Facebook


Adversity is like a strong wind.
It tears away from us all
but the things that cannot be torn,
so that we see ourselves as we really are.
-Arthur Golden, shared by Sarah in Fond du Lac, WI


It often seems like my #1 job on this planet is to remind us all to hang in there during inevitable challenges that we encounter. I’ve learned from experience and from supporting others that the tougher challenges often yield larger opportunities for growth. The toughest races offer the biggest prizes, right? Life can be exceedingly difficult, and we sometimes have to get to the finish line to find what we lost and what we gained.

To my peeps that are facing difficulties right now, HANG IN THERE! Remember to BREATHE, remember to ask for help when necessary, and remember that we often fail to realize how TOUGH we are until we’re tested. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

The Ripples Guy
p.s. If life is going fairly well for you right now, keep an eye out for others who are currently struggling. They might need a hand or a hug or both.

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