Ripples #723: Whoops!

Ripples #723: Whoops!
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April 1, 2013


Flops are a part of life’s menu
and I’ve never been a girl
to miss out on any of the courses.
-Rosalind Russell, shared by Josh in Fremont, NH


After all these years,
I am still involved
in the process of self-discovery.
It’s better to explore life
and make mistakes
than to play it safe.
Mistakes are part of the dues
one pays for a full life.
-Sophia Loren


What could happen this week for you and those around you if you made a conscious choice to either to FORGIVE yourself for a recent mistake or PREPARE yourself for an upcoming mistake that will inevitably present itself? What if you did BOTH?

Mistakes are inevitable, the are helpful, and they are rarely as disastrous as we fear they’ll be.

Do yourself and your team a favor and practice one of my favorite mantras: L.I.G. (Let. It. Go.).


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