Ripples #715: Smart Cookie!

Ripples #715: Smart Cookie!
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You can’t be a smart cookie
if you have a crummy attitude.
-John Maxwell, shared by Sue in Lincoln, NE


I am determined to be cheerful and happy
in whatever situation I may find myself.
For I have learned that the greater part
of our misery or unhappiness is determined
not by our circumstance but by our disposition.
-Martha Washington, shared by Nick in New Jersey


We all have crummy days, that is for sure. The trick is not to crumble when you encounter them. I don’t know if you have to follow Ms. Washington’s strategy of ALWAYS striving for cheerful and happy, because sometimes tears need to be shed and frustration needs to be vented.

Just remember that you need to put your bestest, highest self in charge of choosing the best mood for the occasion. Avoid getting TRAPPED in grief or anger and remember that at some point it can be useful to jump up, dust yourself off, and remember what a smart cookie you really are.

p.s. I apologize if, like me, this week’s theme instills in you a temptation to devour sweets.


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