Ripples #693: Your Now, Your Day.

Ripples #693: Your Now, Your Day.
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Forever is composed of nows.
-Emily Dickinson, submitted by Gwen in Coeur d’Alene, ID


Make this your day to dream or die;
to hope or fail; to wish or cry.
Make this your day you take a chance;
to try and live through spirit and dance.
Don’t let them judge; hold you in.
This moment is yours. Now go and win.
-written and submitted by Ryan Kacvinsky in La Crosse, WI


This time of year I spend lots of time firing up students as they arrive at college, and one of the pieces of advice I share is to enjoy each moment because college goes so much faster than high school (and don’t even get me started about life after school….it seems I blinked and over two decades have slipped by since I was a student!). The best way to enjoy today is by recognizing its value: today is the only day you have to live, because today is now. Spend as few moments as possible reflecting on the past or anticipating the future so you can spend as many moments as possible enjoying YOUR NOW, YOUR DAY!

p.s. A special thank you to the Rowan University RAs, PROs, student activities folks, Rec. Sports and Student Center staffs, and the new students, too. I think we should write a book called, “Three Great Days in Glassboro.” It was truly an adventure, and I won’t forget you…or your kooky jug handle left turns!

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