Ripples #687: What Happened?

Ripples #687: What Happened?
For our tribe of 30,992 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.


Life is all about how you handle Plan B.
-Suzy Toronto


Life is rarely about what happened;
it’s mostly about what we think happened.
-Chuck Klosterman, submitted by Jen at Marian University, WI


Something blechy might have happened recently for you; it could have been a minor annoyance, or possibly it was a real doozy. Whatever it is and however much it has knocked you off your best game: I’m sorry it happened AND I know you can handle it. You did what was necessary to make it to this particular moment, and that seems a good indication that you can hang in there and keep making things better. Remember that you don’t have to be GLAD something happened in order to GROW from it. Hang in there and bring your best possible self to this challenge; the best part is that your BEST SELF will likely grow stronger, wiser, better on the other side of this!


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