Ripples #682: The Seed of You!

Ripples #682: Seed of You!
For our tribe of 30,864 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.


What shape waits in the seed of you,
to grow and spread its branches
against a future sky?
-David Whyte, submitted by Terry in Oak Creek, WI


Believe in yourself
and all that you are.
Know that there is
something inside you
that is greater
than any obstacle.
-Christian D. Larson, submitted by Amy in New Berlin, WI



This week was a crazy whirlwind of travels and trainings: I fired up new students and their parents at Plymouth State University in NH; explored diversity & inclusion with my Boston P&G buddies (yay, Gillette!); said a quick hello to a group of academic coordinators attending an NCAA Symposium in Indianapolis, and finished the crazy week with my 11th year of firing up new arrivals at the 2012 Wisconsin Leadership Seminar.

The groups varied in size and background and reason for gathering, but I challenged each group to bring their full, best selves to pursue their highest possibilities, so now I’ll pass that on to YOU!

There are all kinds of shapes and ideas and dreams that right now exist as tiny seeds planted in the soil of your soul. They are waiting for proper nurturing and a bit of sunlight so they can grow to fruition. What actions can you take today to ensure a lush tomorrow? Can you bring YOUR full, best self to this challenge? I hope so, for your sake and for the sake of all who you encounter. We need your gifts in our garden!


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