Ripples #660: Dr. King!

Ripples #660: Dr. King
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I have decided to stick with love.
Hate is too great a burden to bear.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.


When we take a look at modern man,
we are forced to face the fact
that modern man suffers
from a poverty of the spirit
that stands in glaring contrast
to his scientific and technological abundance.
We’ve learned to fly the air like birds,
we’ve learned to swim the seas like fish
and yet we haven’t learned
to walk the earth as brothers and sisters.
-Martin Luther King, Jr., submitted by Tess in Davis, CA


Dr. King’s dream is alive and his legacy endures, thanks to the efforts of many people who continually renew their commitment to ideals Dr. King valued: hope, love, justice, and peace.

While I was in Washington D.C. last week to fire up folks at Georgetown and George Mason Universities, I savored a visit to the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial that stands across the basin from the Jefferson Memorial. The majestic statue and wall of wisdom will forever remind us of his significant contributions to a movement that continues to improve our country and our world.

Whether or not you have time off of school/work today, I urge you to consider how our world might improve if each of us unleashed more of our passion and compassion. Dream, then do!

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