Ripples #650: Ready, Set, CHANGE!

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Ripples #650: Ready, Set, CHANGE!
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Nov 7, 2011

Time does not change things,
your choices change things.
-Pastor Gary Step, submitted by Jerry

Change is the way of life,
it is the norm,
it is the underlying
law of the Universe.
How we handle change
defines who we are.
It allows us to grow,
teaches us to adapt, and
wills us to become
stronger as individuals.
Without change, we wither
and fail to flower.
-written/submitted by Brett F. Bachhuber in Marshfield, WI

This week I visited Arizona to hang out with some of my NIRSA buddies for their Region VI conference (Hey Arizona State U, thanks for letting me borrow your conference theme for this week’s RIPPLES!). Then I zipped back to Wisconsin for the WAICU Residence Life Conference (Hey Lawrence U, thanks for hosting an amazing event!). At both events we talked about how change can be difficult, frustrating, and annoying. Exhibit A: Did your Facebook buddies whine as much as mine did about recent changes?

Change can certainly be a challenge, but it is also a healthy, inevitable part of being alive and you could choose to view an upcoming or recent change as an opportunity to improve your adaptability. I invite you to re-examine some shift in your work, school, or life as an experiment in flexibility.


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