Ripples #643: An Unrepeatable Miracle.

Ripples #643: An Unrepeatable Miracle.
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Sep 19, 2011


You, whose day it is,
get out your rainbow colors
and make it beautiful!
-Nekoosa Indian Poem, submitted by Elizabeth in Melrose, WI


There is only one minute
in which you are alive:
this minute, here and now.
The only way to live
is by accepting each minute
as an unrepeatable miracle.
-Storm Jameson, submitted by Deidre, Indianapolis, IN



When I left Madison this week it was sunny and 80 degrees, when I returned
from a wonderful visit with my buddies at Cal Poly, it was rainy at 50.

As summer scoots toward its conclusion and our long days are gradually
shortening, it may be time to practice the skill of present living. Strive
to recognize every minute of every day as a precious gift that must be
savored since it cannot be stored.

It will matter less that the days are shorter if you can create a
commitment to step into each moment and create a space to breathe, to live,
to be.


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