Ripples #640: Lifting Up!

Ripples #640: Lifting Up!
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Aug 29, 2011


If you want to lift yourself up,
lift up someone else.
-Booker T. Washington, submitted by Nancy in Spring Green, WI


When you do nothing, you feel
overwhelmed and powerless.
But when you get involved,
you feel the sense of
hope and accomplishment
that comes from knowing
you are working
to make things better.
—Pauline R. Kezer


I have enjoyed a crazy busy week of firing up new students at Western
Wyoming Community College, Lakeland College, and Marian University. One of
the core messages I passed on to each group was how important it is to
quickly get involved on campus. Engagement is the quickest way to reduce
fear, make friends, and create deeper meaning; this applies to new students
just getting started at college AND it is great advice for all of us who
seek to have full, enriching lives.

If you want to immediately feel better about yourself and about life in
general, keep your eyes open today for opportunities to lift up a friend,
colleague, classmate, or even a stranger whose path crosses yours by chance.

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