Ripples #629: Bored?

Ripples #629: Bored?
For our tribe of 27,750 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
June 13, 2011


In a universe as fascinating as ours,
only boring people get bored.
-Davey Wavey, submitted by Joshua, Green Bay WI


Are you bored with life?
Then throw yourself into some work
you believe in with all your heart,
live for it, die for it,
and you will find happiness
that you had thought
could never be yours.
-Dale Carnegie


We all get bored sometimes; work or school or life just doesn’t seem to
inspire us or intrigue us like it used to. When we find ourselves in
situations where we aren’t sufficiently challenged, we sometimes get lazy
and slack off instead of easily performing the required tasks. We
UNDER-perform in situations where we could easily OVER-perform!

If this is happening to you in some area of your life, I dare you to SHAKE
IT UP by experimenting with fresh techniques or strategies to increase the
efficiency or quality of your output.


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