Ripples #625: Possibly!

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Ripples #625: Possibly!
For our tribe of 27,762 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
May 16, 2011

When you have exhausted all possibilities,
remember this: you haven’t.
-Thomas Edison

Become a possibilitarian.
No matter how dark things
seem to be or actually are,
raise your sights
and see possibilities-
-always see them,
for they’re always there.
-Norman Vincent Peale

Could things be better for you right now? Possibly.
Would it be easier if you could click your heels and end up right where you
want? Possibly.
Could every challenge you’re facing right now help you become an even
stronger, more effective human being? Possibly.
Are there even more magnificent possibilities waiting out there just for
you? For. Sure.


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