Ripples #620: Notice!

Ripples #620: Notice!
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Apr 11, 2011


Never live life unnoticed.
-source unknown, submitted by Vanessa, Michigan


We’re conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments. But
great moments often catch us unaware – beautifully wrapped in what others
may consider a small one.
-Kent Nerburn, submitted by Amanda, Saratoga


This week I enjoyed a fast yet fabulous journey to Moscow, Idaho for a
human rights conference called “Finding The Center.” I hugged some old
friends and made some new ones and in a blink of an eye the day was over.
On the ninety minute drive back to Spokane, something magical happened: I

I noticed the gently rolling hills that are the most distinctive I’ve yet
encountered. I noticed the clouds dancing in the sky, kindly letting the
sun peek through to say hello. I noticed the curvy roads and hilly terrain
reminding me that “straight and flat” is vastly over-rated. And I noticed
that even though I won’t soon cross paths with the really cool people I met
in Moscow, I had stored tiny pieces of their love in my heart. And as I
arrived at my destination, I heard my soul whisper: “Tell *them* to notice
more, too.”

“Indeed I will,” I whispered back with a smile.

So I did.



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