Ripples #610: Felonious Kindness!

Ripples #610: Felonious Kindness!
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Jan 31, 2011


If you were arrested for being kind,
would there be enough evidence to convict you?
-source unknown, submitted by David, Madison WI


Kindness is an inner desire
that makes us want to do good things
even if we do not get anything in return.
It is the joy of our life to do them.
When we do good things
from this inner desire,
there is kindness in everything
we think, say, want and do.
-Emmanuel Swedenborg, submitted by Deb, Cleveland OH


This week’s pebble uses a tricky metaphor for kindness and at the risk of
pushing it too far, I challenge you to spend some time thinking about what
“kind crimes” you’ve committed lately. I propose that being nice is just a
misdemeanor; I want you to commit a felony of kindness this week–go ALL the
way and surprise a stranger, friend, classmate, or colleague with a sincere
gesture that could make their moment, their day, or maybe even their life.

p.s. Just remember that we aren’t encouraging you to break the law, just
break through the limits of your recent kindnesses.

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