Ripples #595: Enjoy the Struggle!

Ripples #595: Enjoy the Struggle!
For our tribe of 26,961 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
Oct 18, 2010


Life’s a struggle: struggle to enjoy or enjoy the struggle.
-S. Cretney, submitted by KC, Madison WI


Achievers can almost literally taste success because they imagine their
goals in such vivid detail. Setbacks only seem to add spice and flavor to
the final taste of victory.
-Denis Waitley, submitted by Nick, NJ


Life is difficult, no doubt about it. You may be dealing with a person or
a project that isn’t easy to deal with, and wish you could find an
all-powerful DELETE button so the struggle would just disappear. That may
be tempting, but on our best days we remember that struggles make us
stronger and wiser. Whether you are struggling slightly or significantly
right now, it could be worthwhile to embrace the opportunity to ENJOY THE
STRUGGLE and see what good stuff it might hold for you.

p.s. And hang in there, it gets better!

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