Ripples #584: Keep On Moving!

Ripples #584: Keep On Moving! [2 Aug 2010]
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You will never reach your destination if you
stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.
-Winston Churchill, submitted by Nick P., NJ


Leaders must be tough enough to fight, tender enough to cry, human enough
to make mistakes, humble enough to admit them, strong enough to absorb the
pain, and resilient enough to bounce back and keep on moving.
-Jesse Jackson, submitted by Kalea A., Chico CA


Life for me has been crazy and loud lately. Lots of stuff going on, lots
of background noise, lots of “dogs barking” (not Grendel, of course). Some
of you know I’m not shy about extroverting one of my favorite mantras, “Let
It Go!” or “L.I.G.” for short.

I’ve been pondering and loving the Churchill quote in this week’s Pebble
for several weeks because it reminds me that being RIGHT about something
doesn’t necessarily I should let someone or something linger in my soul if
it is frustrating me. Life is full, life is crazy full, right? So let’s
strive this week to move past the barking dogs and focus on the fun stuff.

I’m in. Are you?


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