Ripples #581: Doing Right!

Ripples #581: Doing Right!
Monday, July 12, 2010
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Everyone will come to a point in their life when they have to choose
between what is right and what is easy.
-Albus Dumbledore (J.K. Rowling), submitted by Ryan K, Ashland WI



People often ask you, “What’s the most embarrassing moment you had in your
life?” Oftentimes, we try to go to a humorous place. But the most
embarrassing moments are when we fail to live up to the moral courage we’re
required to.
-Terrence Howard, submitted by Terry H., Oak Creek WI


When choosing between “right” and “easy” I urge you to remember that the
easier path doesn’t always stay easy. Often times when we choose the RIGHT
path it involves some extra effort up front and then later on down the road
we realize that our road is much easier because the hard part is over and

Whether it is a big or small choice, whether it is for work or school or
home or somewhere else, I dare you to ponder your options and seek the right
path even if it requires more effort. No, ESPECIALLY BECA– USE it requires
more effort. You can do it, and you will benefit in the long run.

Make Dumbledore proud!


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