Ripples #579: Choosing Thoughts!

Ripples #579: Choosing Thoughts!
Monday, June 28, 2010
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The thoughts we choose to think
are the tools we use to paint
the canvas of our lives.
-Louise Hay, submitted by Terry H., Oak Creek WI



It’s not about what happens.
It’s about perspective.
I may not be able to change what takes place,
but I can always choose to change my thinking.
-Michelle Sedas, submitted by Tena B., Carbondale IL


As those of us here in the U.S. prepare to celebrate Independence Day this
weekend, I want to remind as all that a key component of freedom is having
the right to choose. I have mentioned this a few times already in previous
issues AND I think it is worth repeating: we can choose how we respond even
when we do not get to choose what has happened.

If something or someone is bothering you this week, one way to celebrate
your independence is to choose a different way to think about it and perhaps
that will lead to a different way to respond.


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