Ripples #576: Our Boat!

Ripples #576: Our Boat!
Monday, June 7, 2010
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To say my fate is not tied to your fate
is like saying, “Your end of the boat is sinking.”
-Hugh Downs, submitted by Carol L.N., LaCrosse WI



The moment you think only of yourself,
the focus of your whole mind narrows,
and because of this narrow focus,
uncomfortable things can appear huge
and bring you fear, discomfort,
and a sense of feeling overwhelmed by misery.
The moment you think of others
with a sense of caring, however,
your mind widens.
Within that wider angle,
your own problems appear to be of no significance,
and this makes a big difference.
-Dalai Lama, submitted by Ryan P, San Luis Obispo


You could be facing some difficulties this week that cause you to feel like
your boat is sinking. What if you made it your priority to identify someone
else around you in need and become obsessed with helping them?

You may notice that your boat has less water than it did before, and you
may discover an extra set of hands to help you stay afloat.

Yes, you can.


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