Ripples #574: Be Bold!

By May 24, 2010June 9th, 2014Ripples

Ripples #574: Be Bold!
Monday, May 24, 2010
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 25,281
who believe tiny actions create big possibilities


Be bold.
If you’re going to make an error, make a doozy,
and don’t be afraid to hit the ball.
-Billie Jean King, submitted by Kristin K, Salisbury MD


Standing in the
middle of the road
is very dangerous;
you get knocked down
by the traffic
from both sides.
-Margaret Thatcher, submitted by Linda H., Manhattan KS


This section is called “ponder” because each week I strive to craft a
message that invites you to think about how the above quotes relate to you
and your crazy full life.

However, this week I don’t want to get you to think about anything. I want
you to BE BOLD! That decision that needs to be made, that action that you
know will make a difference for school, work, life, etc.: GO DO IT!

Pondering is good and today is the day to transform the pondering into


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