Ripples #565: Plus & Minus!

Ripples #565: Plus & Minus!
Monday, Mar 22, 2010
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 25,020
who believe tiny actions create big possibilities


Life is made up of pluses and minuses.
The pluses give us hope and the minuses give us strength.
-source unknown, submitted by Roger C.



You don’t know how it tastes until you try.
You don’t know how to laugh until you cry.
You don’t know where you’ve been
until you’re homeward bound, and
you don’t know what you lost until it’s found.
-song from “Fraggle Rock,” submitted by Nikki B., Cranston RI


I wish you for you lots of pluses this week.
I don’t wish for you any minuses,
but I do hope you will grow stronger from the minuses that inevitably


p.s. Eleven years ago, The Ripples Project evolved out of the idea that
there is huge potential in small acts. I’m proud and humbled to announce
that as of last week we achieved the milestone of having 25,000 active
subscribers. We have had a few stumbles and challenges along the way (those
would be the minuses), and I’m so honored to travel this journey with so
many longtime and brand new friends. You are the pluses, in a most profound
and ripply way!

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