Ripples #555: Owning Our Choices!

Ripples #555: Owning Our Choices!
Monday, Jan 11, 2010
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who believe tiny actions create big possibilities


We have time for whatever we choose to do, so let’s own our choices!
-written and submitted by Dr. Mia Cary, Greensboro NC (& my sister!)



Every time you make a choice
you are turning the central part of you,
the part that chooses,
into something a little different
than what it was before.
And taking your life as a whole, with all your innumerable choices, you are
slowly turning this central thing either into a heavenly creature or into a
hellish creature.
-C.S. Lewis, submitted by Lisa D. L’Anse MI


We are all busy, busy, BUSY! You probably have more on today’s to-do list
than you can fit in a week. I know, I get it.

We may not have time to get to everything we WANT to get done. We do,
however, have EXACTLY enough time to get to the most important stuff. We
have to choose what is important and then, as my sister states above in the
pebble: OWN OUR CHOICES! So make choices this week to accomplish much,
appreciate others, and add joy for yourself and those around you.


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