Ripples #953: Your New Season!

Ripples #953: Your New Season!
Aug 28, 2017


Who you are today is a collection of your yesterdays. What are you doing today to become the person you want to be tomorrow?
-unknown, shared by Fran in Green Bay (who came across this quote years ago and has been sharing it with her grandchildren and others ever since!)


Everyone has setbacks, disappointments and missed opportunities. But wallowing in the past and focusing on the negatives is a sure way to doom your future. So put the past behind you and embrace today as the beginning of your new season.
-Edward T. Creagan, shared by Donna in Owings, MD


As the summer begins to wind down, many of us are beginning to think forward to fall, a new season of school, work, and/or life in general. This could be an opportunity for a reset on a specific goal you’ve been struggling with, or just a new season of fresh optimism for the future in general.

The best way to leverage this clean slate is to spend some time reviewing recent “setbacks, disappointments and missed opportunities,” extracting useful lessons and releasing the rest. It might even be useful to hold a memorial, graduation, or retirement ceremony to acknowledge the transition and prepare yourself for the new season.

Think about it, and then be sure to take some specific action so your new season can be a productive one. Get ready, get set….GO!

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