Ripples #947: Confidence!

Ripples #947: Confidence!
July 17, 2017


If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life….with confidence, you have won even before you have started.
-Marcus Garvey, shared by Michael in Rochester, MI


Feeling confident is important for success. One way to boost your confidence is to allow mistakes. Don’t expect perfection. Instead, learn from your mistakes and forge ahead.
-Kristin S. Vickers Douglas, Ph.D., shared by Donna in Owings, MD


On your best days, are you pretty darn good? Are you able to get stuff done that needs to get done and deal with the people you encounter in ways that are both useful and enjoyable? When I ask these questions in presentations, I find that most people feel pretty good about their BEST SELVES, the version of themselves that shows up when everything is going well.

I think one of the tricks to improving your confidence is getting curious about how you can more frequently and more consistently bring your BEST SELF to work, school, and life. If you can identify things that knock you off your game, the specific situations or people or developments that trigger fear or frustration, perhaps you can experiment to see if you can identify strategies to either PREVENT or MINIMIZE their impact on your performance.

Remember that we don’t need the PERFECT you, nor do you need to pretend to be like someone else. The world just longs for you to show up with the best available version of yourself as often as you possibly can.

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