Ripples #943: Entertaining Problems!

Ripples #943: Entertaining Problems!
June 19, 2017


The task ahead of you is never greater than the STRENGTH within you.
-source unknown
shared by Kelly in Newport, NH (who noticed this on the back of a college athlete’s shirt, and learned that *all* the runners in a particular race were given the shirt to support another team’s member who was running again after a 2 year recovery from an injury)


Revel in your imperfections. Be entertained by your problems and know that once you looked ahead and wished you were where you are now. And once again you will look back and smile.
-source unknown
shared by Regina in San Luis Obispo, CA


I have a challenge for you to tackle this week, if you choose to accept it. First, pick a problem that you’re dealing with right now: it could be something smaller, like a construction zone in your commute; or choose a larger problem like an interpersonal conflict that is getting in the way at work or home. Once you’ve identified a specific problem, I want you to have a talk with this problem where you say something like this:

“Well hello there, problem! I am choosing to embrace your presence, because it turns out that I need you in order to grow, and you need me in order to get resolved. Let’s work together, and maybe we can even have some fun along the way?”

See if you and your problem can work together and help each other out. Are you in? Please, be in. Your problem is depending on you, and so am I!

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